Pesky Pesticides 2

Pesky Pesticides

A Culprit Behind Weight Gain Those pesky pesticides cause us more pain than we realize. They are one of the main culprits as to why we gain weight, hence the reason I refer to...

What is Gluten? 0

What is Gluten?

The Ingredient That Can Cause Direct Damage To The Gut Gluten is a protein found in wheat, spelt, rye and barley. What most people haven’t realized, is that gluten has changed over the years....

My Journey 1

My Journey

My Kyani story will never end … So I would call it my Kyani Journey! About 6 plus years ago, I was dying … swollen and literally drowning I’m bodily fluid. All the tests...

Sick With Illness & Sadness 1

Sick With Illness & Sadness

I have 2 friends that are very ill at the moment. One suffering from depression and chronic pain and the other from cancer (actually her and her husband). She is a trooper, fighting this...