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Why We Need Probiotics 2

Probiotics vs. Antibiotics

Why We Need Probiotics Most people are familiar with antibiotics and the fact that they kill infection but some have yet to discover why we need probiotics. While antibiotics kill off bacteria in the...

Pesky Pesticides 3

Pesky Pesticides

A Culprit Behind Weight Gain Those pesky pesticides cause us more pain than we realize. They are one of the main culprits as to why we gain weight, hence the reason I refer to...

Good Nutrition Brings Good Health 0

Good Nutrition Brings Good Health

What We Eat Does Matter Take a moment to count the number of people you know who don’t have any medical conditions, illnesses, disease, not overweight or struggle with their digestive system, allergies, or...

What does detox mean? 3

What Does Detox Mean?

It never fails. Every time I see extended family members, someone rubs my belly and says with excitement, “Awwww, you’re having another one?!” I’m so accustomed to hearing that now that I’m not embarrassed...